Colorado Kiteforce Shop Rider

I ride for Colorado Kiteforce based at the Sanatarium on Farmers Corner.  The owner, Anton, is a good friend of mine.  I often kite with him, and I teach for him in the winters.  If you ever find yourself getting a lesson from him and you want me to teach it just ask him if Emmet can teach it and we can work out a time!


Dakine Sponsorship

Dakine is a company that sells basically everything.  They sell backpacks, kite harnesses, windsurfing harnesses, pencil cases, and almost anything you could ever need.  I ride for them and have for 4 years. Dakine is super kind and helpful with me and my needs.


Ozone Sponsorship

My Ozone sponsorship is faithful and genuine.  Ozone is a company that produces kites, parasails and more. I have been sponsored by Ozone the longest time of 5 years. They have been loyal, helpful, and friendly the entire time.  I truly love Ozone and I genuinely thank them for being so good.