Summit High Kiters

The Summit High Kiters Program is for experienced and new kiters that are in middle and high school in Colorado.   For the new kiters, we offer a free introductory lesson at the kite spot across the street from the Summit High School campus.  Emmet will teach you the basics and give you an idea of whether you would like to pursue the sport of if it is not for you.  For the experienced people we will give you friends who kite and help with any issues you have whether it be with kite gear or with learning new tricks.


  1. Call, email, text, snapchat, I don’t care just tell me somehow when you want to do a demo with me.  It needs to be scheduled ahead of time so I have some notice.
  2. Get parental permission.  You can have them talk to me when they drop you off or just on the phone for 30 seconds but I have to know that your parents are okay with it.
  3. Show Up!  Please don’t make me set up everything and get it all planned so you can do something else.  You can reschedule if you need but not 5 minutes before the time we scheduled.

That is it.  Super simple.  If you even have the slightest interest call me or talk to me in school, because it is super fun.  If you have ANY concerns or questions, get in touch with me or check out this prezi.

Maybe this video will help you get stoked: